Our writing workshops teach children the critical thinking, creative and revising skills that make up the writing process. Skills that benefit all students’ classroom work and carry on into later life.

Like all skills, writing gets easier (and better) with practice. Wordsmith Workshops make that practice fun, encouraging young writers to explore their craft in a supportive creative environment.

Helping primary school students to grow as writers, our one-on-one and small group workshops are held in a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere to maximize individual interaction, guidance and feedback.

Through small group workshops and one-on-one tutorials, Wordsmith Workshops teach children how to:

  • •   Organise thoughts and ideas into logical structure
  • •   Create stories with lively, engaging narrative
  • •   Critically assess and improve written work
  • •   Develop a unique written voice

Help your child get ahead in life with professional writing instruction.

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