I hate to say it, but our kids aren't learning how to write at school.

Blame it on email, Twitter, whatever you like… But when MBAs can't string a few simple sentences together and writing consistently ranks as a "deficient" skill in college graduates, there's something wrong with the way schools are teaching our kids to write!

Sure, we can put words together to form sentences. But our schools aren't teaching kids how to express themselves in writing: how to inspire minds with ideas… how to voice thoughts with passion… how to stir hearts with words…

Good writing is like good art – it's hard to judge on a standardized test. And in our numbers-focused education system, what can't be measured is often ignored. That's just wrong.

Without the ability to write, our kids are missing an essential career skill. And more importantly – a basic human skill.

Writing is about communication. It's about sharing. It's about expression…

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